Can dropshipping be done from any website?

A little about Lewis… The founder of Dropship Unlocked, Lewis Smith, is an entrepreneur from London, England, who left his job in the City to launch an independent e-commerce business. However, at Dropship Unlocked we teach a more targeted approach to finding customers, known as ‘Search-Intent Marketing’. As well as running his own portfolio of dropshipping ecommerce businesses, he now helps other UK entrepreneurs build life-changing businesses with mentoring and training through Dropship Unlocked.

Next up, I take part in a Q&A call with members of the Dropship Unlocked (DSU) training programme…. It’s a very important part of my day, and a great way for DSU members to learn from each other as well as from myself. There are many types of electronics that can be shipped via dropshipping, such as laptops, phones, TVs and drones, to name a few. Below are examples of dropshipping suppliers that you can use to easily sell electronics online.

Be careful with this, as the price of the item can be so high that you won’t make much profit by trying dropshipping. You can dropship on Amazon, although you must first apply for an Amazon seller account and be approved as a dropshipper. Look for suppliers that have experience as dropshipping suppliers, have good ratings, ask for product samples to validate quality and, most importantly, shipping time.

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