How to identify legitimate dropshipping suppliers?

This is our favourite way to easily locate legitimate wholesale suppliers. If you know the product(s) you want to dropship, call the manufacturer and ask for a list of their wholesale distributors. You can then contact these wholesalers to see if they do dropshipping and ask about setting up an account. When you have interactions with a dropshipping supplier, check for the following signs that the supplier you are dealing with is bogus.

Not providing samples Selling directly to the public Spammy-looking website Demanding monthly membership fees. You should know in advance that finding dropshipping suppliers for your business can take some time. Another thing to keep in mind during your search is that you are selecting suppliers that are likely to be based in Asia – the language barrier might take some getting used to. Once you have decided on the products you would like to sell, research which dropshipping suppliers exist and which ones best suit your needs.

You may have to choose between a domestic or a foreign supplier depending on the number of suppliers in your product niche. When selecting suppliers, you will need to look closely at raw material sourcing, delivery times and service potential. Dropshipping suppliers are an integral part of every dropshipping business. Now that you know how to find suppliers, I’m going to show you how to identify fake dropshipping suppliers.

Understanding the customer experience will help you identify ways in which your dropshipping suppliers can improve the service they provide to your shop. If you’re ready to find great dropshipping suppliers that are reliable, legitimate and affordable, learn how SaleHoo can help you now. Dropshipping suppliers are generally not known for their ability to market to their audience, so finding the right dropshipping suppliers can be a difficult task. When you are looking for dropshipping suppliers for your business, you need to think about the products the suppliers offer.

In chapter 11, I’ll talk a bit more about suppliers and how to work with multiple suppliers to meet all your dropshipping needs. Instead of just making a list of suppliers, Doba integrates with dropshippers (hence it only has 165 suppliers), allowing you to order from multiple warehouses using its centralised interface. If you can compare products from different dropshipping suppliers during your selection process, you will be much more informed about which ones are the best fit for your dropshipping shop. Finding dropshipping suppliers can be a complicated and time-consuming task, but it is essential to the success of any dropshipping business.

In the United States, legitimate dropshipping suppliers will not work with you unless you have an established legal business and an EIN, or employer identification number. Scammers can flood the Internet with fake dropshipping company websites that appear at the top of a Google search, even ahead of legitimate dropshipping company listings. This way, you get an official listing from the manufacturer itself, so you know you are working with legitimate companies. A dropshipping supplier directory is a database of suppliers organised by market, niche or product.

If you already know the dropshipping product or niche you want to sell, you should be able to find the top suppliers in your market with a little research and the techniques discussed above.

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